Welcome to INVISIBLE HAND, a new digital production company based in downtown Manhattan. This is the Beta launch of our site. We hope you enjoyed our reel. To read more about who we are and what we’re up to, go to our About page.

Note our reel compilation includes the principals’ previous work in addition to our most recent INVISIBLE HAND projects. Here’s a breakdown of what you see:

Motion graphics/Animation:

Various projects, including Avaaz TV spots, branding for Science Channel, War Against the Weak documentary


“Obama Peace Plan,” Avaaz, Web/TV ad. Aired on all major American broadcast networks during Sunday morning news talk shows.

“The OLE Nepal Project,” Open Learning Learning Exchange, United Nations World Food Programm, Web short

“Faith in Exile,” Milarepa Fund/Tibetan Freedom Concert, Web short

“Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America,” IAVA, Web short/Live presentation

Feature Documentary:

“BattleGround: 21 Days on the Empire’s Edge,” Showtime

“War Against the Weak,” Sale pending

“Third Wave,” Limited theatrical release


“Viva Bond,” AMC

Shooting War,” Grand Central Publishing, Online book promo

Non-fiction Television:

“Brink: Astronaut Training,” CBS News Productions for the Science Channel

“Soundtrack to Your Life: Sofia’s Story,” MMUSA (later known as Fuse)

For more information on each project, see our Work page.