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TEDx takes Manhattan


INVISIBLE HAND’s Anthony Lappé was extremely proud to volunteer his services as a speaker prep coach to a few of the speakers at yesterday’s TEDx Manhattan: Changing the Way We Eat event at the Times Center. It was an amazing day, full of insights and inspiration. We were especially honored to work with CNN Hero Gary Oppenheimer, founder of, whose simple idea of connecting home gardeners with food pantries is revolutionizing the way food donations work by providing fresh, healthy food (no more Pop Tarts and canned peaches!) to people who need it most. Our favorite speaker, hands down, was the Bronx Green Machine’s Stephen Ritz. The man is a force of nature. His talk, better described as a freestyle performance, told the story of his unique gardening program for Bronx kids. Among other accomplishments, he improved the participants’ attendance at school from 30% to 90%.

To watch video of the talks sign up for the TEDx Manhattan newsletter. Videos will be released over the next month or so.

Farmers Stand with OWS


Think Occupy Wall Street is a bunch of hipsters? Our latest film took us to the Occupy Wall Street Farmers March, in which farmers from around the country came to show their support for the movement that one farmer called “the conscience of America.” In this short, produced for Iowa-based Food Democracy Now!, we tell the story of Jim Gerritsen, an organic potato farmer from the far reaches of northern Maine.

Watch the film here.

World’s Greatest Card Trick


INVISIBLE HAND’s Eric Wagner recently made this magic little film, a devilish mix of 3D animation and live action. It’s been viewed over 4.2 million times on YouTube. See what the hype is about here.

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Celebrating 40 Years of the Food Movement


Thank you to everyone who joined my mother, sister, food hero Vandana Shiva, and about 1,000 other people at the Cooper Union for an amazing event celebrating 40 years of the food movement.

Yes Men, Small Planet Institute and IH team up


When a PR firm working for Dow Chemical, America’s largest manufacturer of toxic chemicals, contacted Anna Lappé (sister of INVISIBLE HAND’s Anthony) to participate in an online forum on ‘the future of clean water’ they obviously didn’t know who they were dealing with. Working with the legendary Yes Men, Anna and IH produced a short video pointing out some inconvenient truths about Dow’s long history of polluting our waterways. The vid went viral, with coverage from across the web.

Ahead of our time

Back in the late 90’s I was working on a project that I was convinced would revolutionize television journalism. The project was killed, and I was cut out of the deal. I came out of it, hurt and disillusioned. For the first time, the principal player in the story has published his take on the event.

Bringing the World Cup to the Middle East


Qatar wins! INVISIBLE HAND’s Anthony Lappé recently was part of the team that helped bring the FIFA World Cup to the Middle East for the first time. As a writer for, he wrote two of the three films shown in Qatar’s historic final bid presentation on Dec. 2, 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland. Lappé also traveled across the Middle East as a second unit director for the final film. The Wall Street Journal wrote, “[Qatar's] three slick videos had the quality and inspiration of Oscar-winning short films.”

Earlier, Lappé wrote another short film and ad for Qatar’s bid (directed by Lenard Dorfman, produced by staring Zinedine Zidane. The ad, which aired around the world on numerous international networks, was credited by London odds-makers with catapulting Qatar’s bid into the favorite slot prior to the Dec. 3 vote.

The project can be viewed here.

Production stills:

Cairo skyline
Interviews at the Gezira Sport Club, Cairo

DP Davi Russo shoots the pyramids

Haiti’s Lost Music (PBS Need to Know)

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

INVISIBLE HAND’s Anthony Lappé traveled to Haiti to shoot, produce and write this story of hope from that beleaguered isle for PBS’ excellent new national newsmagazine, Need to Know.

@TEDx Pomotac


We recently were proud to help produce a TEDx presentation by Frances Moore Lappé that tackled one of the central questions of our age. (Note: we did not produce the video itself)


HolyWars Premieres

We’re proud to announce the premiere of HolyWars, the new film from director Stephen Marshall. Marshall was a partner with Invisible Hand’s Anthony Lappé at GNN. Together they made BattleGround, the award-winning Showtime doc about Iraq. Over four years in the making HolyWars follows two men on a mission from God – an Irish jihadist and an American Christian fundamentalist. The film took Marshall to Iran, the UK, Lebanon, the bible-thumping American Midwest and Taliban-ridden northwestern Pakistan. When the two men’s worlds collide, one has a paradigm-shifting transformation. It’s a powerful and timely film. Lappé was honored to play a role as an informal advisor on the film, hosting a special screening at his home of an early cut.

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